List of things to fix in engine/beta test

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List of things to fix in engine/beta test Empty List of things to fix in engine/beta test

Post  reiko26 on Sun Jan 26, 2014 1:45 pm

list of things i can think of that need fixing in SCV3:

there are 3 kinds...need 2 of them working, 1 works already.

- from dungeon level: take out prisoners in odd places...maybe make prisoner backgrounds(non moving)...fix swinging blades
add in guilotines, add in spike shoots through floors...other booby traps..

-implement classic alucard as main alucard and move sotn alucard to unlockable status

-implement cutscenes/dialgoues for players when beaten...and ability to unlock/gain them for play

-implement ability to only carry 1 extra player at a time

-have hector become unlockable during 2nd quest play

-have hector's id's coded in to perfection with 1 or 2 moves each possibly 3 on some

-have hector's lazer sword and trevor's laser whip..unlockable during game play...probably in Curse of darkness levels

-finish tweaking Cv3 levels to perfection....finish also tweaking and doing CoD levels aswell..

-work on finding areas to make CoD level shortcuts hidden secrets

-sypha's ice effect needs to freeze water

-get mirror water effect replacing regular old water

-fix pendulums in drac's keep

-get 3d primitve backgrounds in game

-get fuzzy entity fixed(must be slowed down and killed by sypha's ice also)

-platforms that move through ceiling and back through floor( i may be albe to code this)

-sound issues with boss triggers(it turns off sound fx's and bgm)

- need a save/load system

-need a level selector

-need unloakbable players(thoughe means of finding them)

-need unlockalbe skins of players (maybe icons)

-need unlockalbe hector for 2nd quest use aswell

-need a way to unlock hector's lazer sword and trevor's lazer whip sword

-need bosses to get tweaked..and finished

if I can think of anything else i will post it here


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