Bosses and monster progress

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Bosses and monster progress

Post  reiko26 on Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:38 am

all bosses are about complete as far as coding. some arent showed on here but are being worked on or have been coded.

Stage 1: Ruins of Warakiya, Right, skull knight

Stage 2: The Clock Tower, Left, Nasty Grant

Stage 3: The Woods 3A, Right, Cyclops 1st encounter

Stage 4: The HShip, Right,2 Mummies and cyclops second encounter

Stage 6A: The Catacombs(redish), Right, Alucard

LStage 13: Lookout Tower, Right, *Monster B(2mummies,cyclops,pazuza)
- from Stage 8

Stage 14: ???, Right, secret(midbosses)

Stage 15: Castle Leg, Left, Doppleganger

Death and Dracula
Stage 14: Main Hall, Right, Death form 1 and 2

Stage 16: Castle Keep, Left, Dracula Form1,2,3


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